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The Punjab Grill Restaurant Review January 19, 2009

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I had heard a lot about The Punjab Grill and snatched the first opportunity to have lunch there. Two important Delhi names were associated with it – The Dabur Family and Jiggs Kalra so the expectations ran high.

Warning – This one is a sure spoiler. Those who have it in their ten things to do before they die – must not read any further.

So here we go:
Location: Ambiance Mall, Gurgaon – Delhi Gurgaon Border – NH – 8, India -Excellent 10/10
Interior: Characterless when you relate to the theme. The interior could have been for any restaurant – but looks like it is a functional Coffee Shop format deployed on a fine dining restaurant. – 2/10
Hostess: She was doing a good job – 8/10
Staff: Lack of training, lack of ownership. The restaurant manager walked in while still at his tie, something I have never seen before. Was not participative and didn’t move to any table for any attempt on service or retention. Once in the manager, was seen standing inside the  with his staff and was talking loud enough for comments from about 20 feet away. 2/10
Food: The Buffet spread was cold, starters were very cold – Cold fried fish and cold paneer tikka on a winter afternoon can be a real put-off. No soup or shorba in a buffet is tough to digest. Salads – if you call beansprout and dahi bhalla a buffet salad spread it is fine. Three veg, three non-veg dishes and you are done. Overall 3/10 Details follow:
Crockery: 8/10
Cutlery: 2/10 Crockery and cutlery don’t talk to each other.
Table and seating: Just about OK for a fine dining restaurant 5/10
Preparation was very ordinary and recipes nothing great to talk home about. I had fish fry: 5/10 (after a fresh serving – cold one which was there can’t be rated).
Paneer tikka, quality of paneer was fine, preparation was ordinary 5/10
Malai Kabab – Veg – They were probably the best dish on the menu. I liked it, perfect 10/10
Broccoli Grilled: It was tasty and unique in recipe – 8/10
Papad: Full of oil, drenched – 2/10
Main Course:
Veg Pulao: 6/10 – regular pulao, rice could have been better
Punjab Grill Exclusive Veg: Don’t touch it. 100% useless – no flavor, no taste no unity between vegetables put together.
Shahi Paneer: Bad menu choice for afternoon buffet, but as a preparation it was fine 7/10
Khumb Mattar: Peas were not cooked well, they were kind of raw, as if they were just added to the gravy. 3/10
Dal Makhani: Good – somewhere close to the taste Bukhara is cultivating. 7/10
Desserts: Nothing had, presentation looked poor – was not inviting enough.

On April 11, 2010 –

We as a family once again went for lunch to Punjab Grill.

Here are some photographs and tweets

Some quick bites.

  1. Still avoidable
  2. There was no waiting on Sunday at 2:00 PM despite hype and loads of PR that you don’t get a table without booking.
  3. Staff and food both remain an issue
  4. As an overall experience it was just about better
  5. I would not recommend this place and would not like to revisit or review it again


1. Rohit Gupta - February 2, 2009

I have had a remarkably different experience I have been here. The restaurant is one of the busiest in the NCR (i have had to wait for a min of 1 hr on weekends and at least 30 minutes even on weekdays) and definitely has the best food in town. You say that the Dal is like Bukhara well actually its way better. Since Bukhara was also done by Jiggs Kalra.
The service has been good but the star is definitely the food. The quality of the staples is great but what really shines is the Duck (tandoori style) and the salmon tikka. I have to say that the Salmon Tikka is the best kebab that I have ever had the good fortune of eating. Overall i would say beats Bukhara hands down.

2. simarprit - February 3, 2009

I value Rohit Gupta’s comments. To add to my observations, I am informed that PVR has already pulled out of its association with teh restaurant, and it is no longer a part of the PVR Foodcourt.

3. Rohit Gupta - February 7, 2009

Well to add to your observation it never was part of the food court. PVR has nothing to do with it as the places have been leased out to different restaurants – there is a chinese and a pasta place right next to it. Also I have a lot of other comments from friends who have been there and found the food to be stellar and the waits to be long.
I guess people are still flocking to it in groves.

4. simarprit - February 8, 2009

Gr8 – I wish them all the best, I would be truly thrilled if they do well. I would like Delhi and the neighbourhood to have the finest eating joints and would be very happy to have The Punjab Grill as one of them. Till I get to try them again, my view stands. It is all about service Rohit, and if the restaurant manager walks in half between dressing up and speaks loudly and animatedly – May God Bless the Guests who have paid to do fine dining. Purpose of my detailed reviews are to share my personal experiences and the minute my experience changes – my view would change.

5. joseph - September 8, 2009

After couple of bowling rounds @ bluo, we went down looking for some desi khana and their we met punjai grill. a restaurant which actuly meets the expectation behind the name. in last 2 months i have been their nothing less than 15 times and have successfully enrolled myself as privledged discount holder.

Ambience – 6/10
Food – 8/10
Staff – 10/10 ( staff just perfect and such enhtu manager )

i m missing my Punjab grill here in U.s.a.

6. simarprit - September 8, 2009

The above is a Spam, this is the IP and detail from where it was posted. The mail Id and the assumed names didn’t match and the IP resolved to:Details for IP Address:

I was impressed with the way U.s.a was written – Bad PR agency Mr Kalra. Does more damage than good.
General Information

Proxy: None detected
Type: Cable/DSL

Geo-Location Information

Country: India
State/Region: 16
City: Bombay
Latitude: 18.975
Longitude: 72.8258
Area Code:

7. simarprit - December 3, 2009

If Samar Hakarnkar writes good about Punjab Grill, he must have had had a good reason for that. I am a fan of Samar and love his writing, I would like to go back to The Punjab Grill once again just to revisit my post again and see if they have changed for public or they just managed an ace in PR. I would go with an open mind and as always as unknown lesser mortal and let us see what happens. I would go in for a different menu to extent possible and take a slight different approach to review.

8. RS ARORA - March 11, 2010

dear simarprit
i have been to punjab grill thrice since i’ve come to delhi and i have always liked it.
the food is just right and the staff is courteous.
but then, if we get exactly wht we want at all times, the ppl who are delivering must b superhuman.
so minor faults can be excluded, but i went there last time keeping ur blog in mind.
believe me, it ws nothing like that.
R.S. Arora

simarprit - March 11, 2010

The IInd spam message of the day, this one shares the time and the date stamp with Mr. Bansal – I fail to understand why the restaurant is working so hard to push me to change my opinion.

9. Praveen Bansal - March 11, 2010

I have been to Punjab Grill a no. of times and every time the experience has been nothing but spectacular.
I’ve been to both their restaurants.
I’ve always been overwhelmed by the
sheer level of courteousness I get from their staff
despite having to wait for at least 30 min before i get a table.
The food has always been worth the wait.
Overall one of the best Indian dining experiences i have had.

simarprit - March 11, 2010

Punjab Grill has a big time problem of spamming a genuine review with fake comments. The above review is a fake. Look at the IP from where the spam has been sent. The next review by RS Arora has been sent at the same time from the same IP. Not only the restaurant sucks the PR agency also does.

10. Sanjay Mehta - March 23, 2010

Punjab Grill started in Mumbai and we decided to give it a spin. Here are few thoughts on the experience we had this Sunday:
1. Initially acted pricey and suggested 1 hr waiting to anyone who came in. In reality, most people got tables in 15-20 min. The 1-hr part was to create an impression..

2. The food was fine. We quite liked it.

3. The service in general, was also quite good.

4. We had clearly over-ordered. We had lots left over. We asked for it to be packed for us to take back. We got a bag from them, with boxes, duly packed. There was a surprise in store for us, once we reached home and checked the boxes:
a. One of the items was not packed at all.
b. What WAS packed was far less in quantity than what we had left over.
Felt cheated. Definitely a sour taste at the end of an otherwise, good meal.

For the price they charge, this was not called for, surely.

– Sanjay

simarprit - March 24, 2010

Great comments Sanjay. Thanks for stopping by and writing them. I am sure “the Kalra combine” would be happy about much needed appreciation for their food on my post. Your comments about food are a reason for me to finally do another review.

11. acyuta - May 17, 2010

Just had lunch yesterday at this place. On Sunday afternoon at 2 PM, waiting time was 15 mins. For that price (495+tax+service charge), the decor and the space is too less. Food was OK but as noted cold. The most disappointing part was the service. You can get anything out of the buffet, but try to get rotis or water. Request the staff 4-5 times before it comes. The various staff are too busy running from here to there, while the senior people are busy shouting at them. The only good period of service is when you get a seat, and the floor manager comes for your order. That is very prompt. regarding the water glass, try to hold them in one hand and see where you spill your water. Overall, not worth it either for the food or the service.

12. Ankit - December 22, 2012

I have gone to Punjab Grill two times. The first time after being seated for 30 minutes and no staff paid us any attention even though the restaurant was partially empty so we left without having anything there…The second time since the restaurant was almost empty the staff did pay us attention. The food was okay but their service was again not worth it…

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