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Airlines in the USA – My Rating July 12, 2008

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American Airlines, Delta, Continental, Jet Blue, Southwest, Northwest, US Airways and Alaskan are the airlines I had a chance to fly with over the last year and half of active travelling within US. My experience iwth Delta has prompted me to write this post. Of course I would mention the details later, but Delta is the worst airline to travel with, as per my experience.  Here we go:

My reserach for this post led me to this news item http://www.forbes.com/2007/09/26/airlines-performance-faa-biz-logistics-cx_rm_tvr_0927worstairlines.html

Of course I can’t be as objective and elaborate as The Forbes researched document on The America’s Worst Airlines, so I would rather insert a disclaimer – Please see this post as a blog based on personal experience and nothing more.

Simar’s Hall of Fame – Overall Rank
Southwest 1
Jet Blue 2
American Airlines 3
Alaskan Airlines 4
Continental 5
Northwest 6
American Eagle 7
Delta 8

 More to come…

Jet Airways vs Kingfisher Airlines – A Quick Review January 12, 2008

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This post was done on January 14, 2008. For my recent comments and the current Jet Airways kingfisher alliance proceed towards end of the post. October 17, 2008.

Jet Airways was the King of Indian skies till Kingfisher came in and dethroned Jet Airways in just less than two years. We had a new King of Indian Skies and its name had King to boot. Vijay Mallya won Naresh Goyal lost as Indian Aviation saw new alignments. Kingfisher picked up Deccan Airlines and named it Simplyfly Deccan bringing a whole new angle to LCC market. Jet Airways controversial and dragged on acquisition of Sahara and its subsequent new identity of Jet Lite pales in front of flamboyance of Vijay Mallya and his execution strategies.

Hold the party. Kingfisher has started working hard to break everything which was good about it. In-flight catering is coming down, ground staff is being discourteous, luggage assistants curiously have started working for the tips, is the King falling down? Looks like complacency is setting in. This is the best time for Jet Airways to hit back and regain its old loyalists.

Kingfisher First is becoming second class now, just beautiful faces is what is left of the strategy. Regular feedback of a 78 year old frequent flier is that he would now like to fly again with Jet Airways.

Every month my father flies at least once between Delhi & Kolkata, to-and-fro. He use to do Jet-Airways, then Jet Airways and Kingfisher both, then only Kingfisher and last time he did both. He has told me his preference now is Jet.

At Kingfisher:

He is not happy with the food.

He is not happy with the in-flight service.

He is not happy with the delays which have started happening now.

I am not happy with lack of announcements pertaining to delay at the Airport, I waited for one hour and they kept on saying it is about to land and that also only when I will walk up and inquire at the counter. Not even a single announcement was made stating that there is a delay and no announcement board was put up. I walked 4 times in one hour to the counter at the arrival terminal in Delhi.

I am not happy with the increasing staff attitude that “We work for the King and we all are Prince and Princess out here”. Earlier they were polite,responsive, courteous (they’ll stand up to talk to you), would hold personal gossips and attend to customers (guests as they prefer to call). Not any longer. They don’t look the same set. 

Jet Airways never had attitude problem, their problem was they refused to grow, which they have realised now and looks like they are working on it.

In Kingfisher vs Jet Airways round two goes to Jet Airways.

Watch this space for more comments.