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Turned 48 yesterday August 19, 2013

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I rewrote my bio and friends contributed to “strengthen” it even more. So here it goes…

Ladies & Gentleman reintroducing Simarprit Singh – 48 years; male; Punjabi; Sikh; Indian; brother to Mr. Magnanimous Soul; more than 20 friends with friendship of more than 20 years; married for 18 + years; father to a sweet 16 teenager; happily & hopelessly obese; avid traveler; 48 years of domestic traveling; 20 years + of international traveling; 24 countries; 53 international cities + 100 Indian cities; loves camera; tech entrepreneur; loves history; lives maps; documenting life since 1979.

My fiends add: Inspiration & guide to a few; amateur humorist; hard-worker; grounded; fit for marathon sessions; possesses culinary skills; balances relationships;  crazy; visionary adventurer; no regrets; never looking back.

Gul Panag 100:100 May 22, 2010

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Gul Panag 50:50

Gul Panag is 100:100 – She is 100% beauty and 100% brains. She is the final argument for all of those who believe that absolute beauty and absolute brain can’t co-exist.

When Gul uploaded this photograph our “Celebrity coordination group” got into action, there was something about it which told us that there was exceptional life in this photograph and as the comments started pouring in and the RTs started happening we knew this was getting interesting. Gul has 100% in her, every interaction with her brings that facet of her personality on the forefront. If she takes up a cause, it means it is done justice with and if she picks up a fight it means she has won, that is exactly how she operates and that is how I think everyone knows her. To me I can say there is nothing fake and nothing put on.

In two plus years of my active Twitter usage I have done many celebrity “un-follows” on the grounds of duplicity in public life, I have come to detest some big-time celebrities and find them royally exposed. Gul is beyond all that.

Here are some of my observations about Gul:

  • Flawless in thought
  • A head-to-toe exceptional beauty
  • Never away from basics
  • Designers can only do that much, rest is me
  • Always fit
  • So gentle, yet so firm
  • Speaking up at will and equally well when needed
  • Never holds a narrow view
  • Won’t hold back a good laugh, even if it is at her own cost
  • Won’t allow to be messed up with
  • Plans for the future and enjoys the present
  • Team player
  • Never hesitates in starting something new
  • Can say a straight “suit yourself”
  • Understands in public transparency
  • Knows her world exists beyond her feet too
  • Remains fresh, knows it helps
  • Breathers come out of adventures too
  • Doesn’t hesitate in drawing lines
  • Stylish always, funky sometimes
  • Always plans wisely

I know I have not gone overboard and I know I am stopping too soon.

We thank you for your faith in the team at Twitsnaps.

And, Gul – keep spreading strength all around.