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I am Shashi Tharoor’s Sole Speaking January 16, 2014

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This post was originally done by me for MyIndia section of Mapsofindia.com. Mapsofindia team has taken a conscious call to remove this post as it doesn’t go well with Mapsofindia.com’s editorial guidelines. I respect Mapsofindia.com’s decision and hence have moved this post here.

This post is my work of fiction. The article is a light banter and meant to be taken in that spirit. This post is not endorsed by any of the businesses or business interests I am involved with. 

I am Shashi Tharoor’s sole, I have been to hundreds of cities and my mentor has met thousands of beautiful women. Women get attracted to my mentor without any effort from his side. That is the magic of my mentor, he is smart, successful and perceived to be an intellectual, that is what he keeps on repeating that women look for. Once we were at his stylist and she told him that his left shoulder was stooping. The genius that my mentor is, he told the stylist, “I know, I also know how you can help me stop it from stooping”. I am the sole, so I don’t know what happened after I was removed. Usually, I am removed and all action happens without my line of sight. When I was worn back, I heard that the shoulder had stopped stooping. Brilliant stylist.

I remember once when we walked into this palatial room, there were lots of hugs and kisses and of course some Miss-es. There was one particular Miss who walked across to my mentor and declared herself to be his biggest fan. My mentor, in all his sincerity, gently lifted her hand and bowed down to kiss her hand and said, “I am so humbled, you made my day. Of course, my mentor doesn’t flirt, looking at legs below the hem of skirt is not flirting and neither is telling your “biggest fan”  and “I have never seen more shapely legs.” Of course when legs meet, soles have no role and can’t do any status update.

My mentor enjoys dual nationality and multiple spouses, he is very proud of his diverse work experience and especially the one involving refugees towards beginning of his career. He developed a soft corner for all forms of refugees and internally and externally displaced people. That soft corner has stayed with him and he is always open in all ways possible for displaced people, irrespective of their nationality and their current country of refuge or his current marital status. Dubai and Pakistan are no special, and I can say my mentor doesn’t wait at all when it comes to separating from his sole and ensuring comfort to a refugee seeking his solace. He has never let anyone down even if it meant leaving his trousers crumpled over me while he discharged his duties. My challenge is that I am the sole and I can’t definitely and authoritatively see or comment on the whole thing which unfolds once I am off. Whenever I hear my mentor saying, “this was the best I have had in a very long time,” I know it is time for me to be ready to walk.

Today, my mentor has been restless since morning, he has been stomping a lot, and he has also been saying “why do I misread women every time”. He has me, his sole with him 100% today, I don’t think he would be removing me in a hurry. Of course, I hate being worn for long, and here is my dirty little secret on why I hate. I am never alone when I am removed and the sole accompanying me always has equally interesting stories about places it has been to.

So long…

Looking for Political Analyst October 2, 2012

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We at Mapsofindia.com have been covering elections in India since 1998. Later we started covering them in HeadlinesIndia.com a website promoted to cover news by Mapsofindia and now a sub-domain with it. As elections started becoming bigger and bigger we started exploring ideas to cover more of elections without diluting core of either Mapsofindia.com or HeadlinesIndia.com, thus was born concept of a dedicated site to cover elections for MoI part of our business. We didn’t want to do a halfhearted attempt and really wanted to commit ourselves to doing a quality work and realized that quality work can only thrive under a quality domain name. We needed a domain name which was easy to remember and conveyed its existence upfront like most of our projects do. Our search and willingness to pay the asking price got us http://Elections.In – this was our first choice. We have made the domain name live and have been working on back-end technologies for the same.

To experiment with formats we decided to work a bit more on US elections this year. Doing quality infographics and creating a series of news updates with a robust technology at back-end. Results have been encouraging. Having tied domain name, technology and format now we need a right person to carry the project for next 18 months. Individuals who can relate to the following would find this project a perfect fit for their careers.

  1. Love India
  2. Understand Indian politics
  3. Worked as political correspondent
  4. Traveled extensively across length and breadth of our nation
  5. Can sense a story
  6. Have a flair for writing
  7. Can manage to reach out to key politicians for exclusive soundbites
  8. Has an open mind
  9. Understand merits of an editorial and understand merits of news
  10. Can number crunch

We can sit and develop profile together. Essentially we have a budget of Rs 18,00,000/- for this profile spread over next 18 months. Initially project would require 2-3 stories a day with one editorial every week, closer to election date it would definitely require 24×7 approach and a back-end team of 6-7 junior analysts (for which our budget would be in addition to this)

Those who are interested can call me or text me at my India number – nine nine one double zero five three five thirty eight, it is a Delhi number. One from our team has already started shooting India, we would have extensive footage in place other than the one already with our project PicturesIndia.com

We would prefer someone working from home, however we can offer an office space in Delhi too.

Please pass a word around.