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You Are My Love June 1, 2013

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Do you know who you are?

You are my love

You are my life

You are my moon

You are my star

You are my Goddess of Day

You are my Goddess of Night

You are my direction

You are my support

You are the nectar of my life

You are the call I am always awaiting

You are my heart

You are my mind

You are My Love

You are the mornings I wake up to…

You are the evenings I unwind too

You are the bird whose music I hear while asleep

You are the flower I have been seeking

You are the petals I have been keeping on my eyes

You are the life who has changed my life

You are the one who has taken my life by storm

I don’t want this storm to ever ebb

I don’t want these petals to dry

I don’t want this fragrance to ever evaporate

I don’t want your memories to ever fade

I don’t want your thoughts to ever cease in my mind

I don’t want any other God in my life

I don’t want to wake up from this dream called you

I don’t want my addiction for you to ever go

I don’t want my hunger for you to ever subside

I don’t want these paths to be ever covered by me

I don’t want this fire inside me for you to ever extinguish

I don’t ever want to know secrets of my love for you

I don’t ever want to know why I love you so madly

I don’t want a sound sleep, I need you in my dreams

I don’t want this world, I just want you

I don’t want any possessions, I just want you

You give me a place in your heart, that is the only possession I seek

You are my song of life, I just want to keep singing it

You are my love

You are my life.

Day Hundred Nine – SBMBW May 22, 2010

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Many things in life have a ledger account, you get some and you give some and the trades get logged in, if nowhere else than somewhere in some corner of your mind. Love has no ledger account it is sans boundaries  and sans accounting principles. Love of course has excuses, which its proponents liberally use to demonstrate love’s abundance and alacrity. It is for love that countless battles and innumerable wars have been fought, most for love of, or for the beloved. Battles for beloved take the shape of all or nothing,  in battles which are for as precious and priceless form as beloved but not for beloved nothing is never an option. It is all, if I lose – I go doesn’t exist.

So, I go and I go and continue chasing that ultimate victory which would bring me back to the regular life of peaks and valleys, day and night, fun and fight, freedom and fright, I am missing it but the battle is bigger and the battle is raging on.

Let us bury the love February 15, 2010

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An attempt to go back to poetry, relating it to anyone in known circle or my own life is at your own peril, LoL.

Let us bury the love

When the touch is gone and the dates are lost

When the gifts are not given and the tales are never told

When the smiles are not questioned and the tears are not to be seen

When the fear is not  expressed and the hunger is not shared

When nights never begin and days never end

When there are no fights,  the love is dead

Let us dig the grave and let us bury the love

Let us bury the love

Let us bury the love

Love is dead, let us dig the grave,  let us bury the love

Living to Love October 10, 2007

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When you close your eyes you smile, you frown, you think and you sleep. How about Love. In the year 1997, I was flying from Hongkong to Jakarta on a Cathy Pacific flight, I was exhausted, what I desired was sleep, and sleep wanted to bunk, a monk on the next seat told me to “Close your Eyes and think something which makes you happiest”, I closed my eyes and started thinking about the happiness my three month old daughter was giving me, the very thought of loving that little angel was awesome. Ten years down the lane, I realize the meaning of what the Monk taught me, one should live to love. You’ve to be in love all the time, with all  the things and all the places. You just got to be in love. Love is the all encompassing, Love is the Mantra and Love is the Nirvana.

So when you are not getting sleep, close your eyes and just love. Not only you would sleep, but you will wake up all the way in Jakarta, like I did. It will be a long treasured sleep.

Love and Enjoy.