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Compare Infobase – An update May 27, 2013

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Good Afternoon. It took us, as an organization, over 3 years to decode how Facebook can be used economically and effectively, we got lot of flak from friends and foes alike for our delayed start. We were all very anxious on November 30, 2012, when we as an organization awaited rolling out of our first project to push Mapsofindia.com’s Facebook community to 100,000 likes within a month. From 1,200 to 100,000 in one month and 1 million in first year. 6 months down the lane numbers are very impressive.
http://facebook.com/mapsofindia stands at 600,000 +
http://facebook.com/valentinesdayinindia is at 200,000 +
http://facebook.com/travel.mapsofworld is at 100,000 +
http://facebook.com/mydearvalentinecom is at 95,000 +
http://facebook.com/mapxl is at 45,000 +
Building each of these super engaging communities has been a fantastic experience, fun and learning, both. The way our plans for each of these communities are unfolding assures us that most of these would remain most dynamic communities in their respective segments.
The expertise we have developed is available on tap to all my friends, of course, FOC. I am also looking at a few of you helping us put a V8 engine on our MapXL community. It is very engaging, but growing it while remaining super engaging opens up some challenges. If you have ideas, I am here to thank you from my heart and to top it, all of us would give you a standing ovation.

We also have a few openings in office of subsidiary in San Jose.

  1. iOS Developer – As good as they come. 110K ++
  2. Vertical Specialist Writers – For Sports, Politics, Economy, Business, Education – Per contribution basis, minimum 30 pre-approved contributions per month.
  3. Foodies with passion for writing, they should be based in any of the cities and willing to review one restaurant per week or more. Per contribution basis. Cities we are looking for: NYC, Philadelphia, Miami, Phoenix, Houston, Dallas, Vegas, LA, San Diego, Seattle, Chicago. We have closed position for Bay Area.


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