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Those who love … February 28, 2013

Posted by simarprit in Uncategorized.

Those who love you, know you a bit. Those who don’t know you, always know a lot more 😉
Those who don’t know you may have no intent to know you, if you have intent that they know you, it is you who gets to know them first 😉


1. Sujatha Iyer (@sujatha21) - March 2, 2013

Amazing this thought. And then there are those whom you want to know but never really can. And those whom you wish would know you but they never do. And those who remain inscrutable in many, many ways. And those who think they understand you but don’t. Too many kinds, Simar. Perhaps, it is true that Time alone reveals. And the passage of time reveals more and yet more. And we can only reassess our own assessments with time.

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