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Atlas Pro – Version 2.0 December 1, 2012

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Creating products excites me. It brings out the best in me. The challenge of starting something from scratch and within a defined time-frame getting it to roll-out stage is like living on top of the flame, you drop and you are gone for good.  

Couple of years back we got going with developing Atlases for Android and iOS environments. Developing products is expensive, especially for a tiny/ small company which has had more than its fair share of setbacks to coverup for. It has been a mixed bag so far. Android is clearly all investment and no return business for most App developers including us, iOS is definitely a bit more charitable than Android, we breakeven on our incremental costs. In Atlas space we have several products but three are main, World Atlas (Free) World Atlas HD (at $1.99) and World Atlas Pro (at $ 9.99). Free of course flies fastest, but it is Pro where our dreams and commitment reside. Pro has undergone over 20 releases within the broader Version 1, it was time for us to have a re-look at our product.and positioning. We have taken a very tough and expensive call, we will build World Atlas Pro 2.0 series from scratch: New structure; new content to fit in where none exists; new UI; new code. We are shooting for March 1, 2013 as the launch date for this product.

All of you who love maps and atlases are welcome to tell us what all you would love to see in this new product. It goes without saying, all of you who pitch in would find their names and profiles mentioned prominently in World Atlas Pro and all product collateral developed.


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