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Guru Tegh Bahdur’s Execution November 24, 2012

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You believed, everyone had a right to choose their own religion and follow their own belief.
You believed, every life is mortal, it is the cause which is immortal.

I bow to you Sri Guru Tegh Bahdur Sahib, you saw your disciples/companions killed one by one in front of you. Bhai Mati Das was cut into two halves, vertically, from the middle, by a saw while still alive. Bhai Sati Das was rolled int

o a roll of cotton and set afire. Bahi Dayal Das was made to sit in a pot and boiled till he died. None of of your companions gave in or opt for conversion to save their lives.

Their gruesome death didn’t dilute your faith in the cause you were spearheading, Right to Religion. Lastly Guru Sahib, you were beheaded for your cause, your’s is the first documented death in the world history for what is now known as Human Rights.

No wonder millions all over the world remember your sacrifice every single day, they recite “with your passing the world went into mourning and there was euphoria in heaven to welcome you aboard (Tegh Bahadur ke chalat, bhayo jagat main shok.
Hai hai hai sab jag bhayo, jai jai jai sur lok.”

Sri Guru Tegh Bahdur Sahib. April 18, 1621 – November 24, 1675.


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