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Facebook is driving Google’s traffic growth September 5, 2012

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If Facebook shuts down for one day, Google’s traffic may fall by as much as 10% – 20%.

It is simple.

Facebook status messages have become a fad.

Huge need has come-up to “look” and “behave” and “pretend” and “project” your smartness.

Now, steps in Google – the giant search engine, it can make you look “good,” and ” Intelligent,”  at the same instant.

Millions of Facebook users are typing in Google.com to search for Quotes, Messages, Images, Picture Quotes and so on.  

Love Quotes leads the transition but surprising, surprising – Labor day quotes walked away with 7000% year over growth.

This is how the traffic flows:

  1. User logs in to Facebook
  2. Senses need to do an “intelligent” status update
  3. Goes to Google.com for finding “something unique” (sic)
  4. Goes to sites suggested by Google, finds content mapping his/ her desire
  5. Comes back to Facebook

Cycle complete. Mission accomplished.

So, is Facebook leading this surge in internet traffic?

I think yes, it is, and would continue fueling Google’s growth.


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