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Farz and Farzi September 2, 2012

Posted by simarprit in Uncategorized.

How much value a small “i” takes away from a word of substance and a word of pride.  Yesterday, I was just pondering over this word “Farz” – Farz just doesn’t mean duty, it demonstrates culture of the Indian subcontinent like no other word does. We all have seen so many of our elders humbly following the spirit of the word Farz, we see so many of us also walking the same path as our role models did, equally humbly without looking for an endorsement or an acknowledgement. In Punjabi the line “Ae tey mera farz siga” may rather not be translated as “It was my duty.” “It was my duty” sounds as, someone assigned me to do it and I did it, period. It doesn’t carry soul in it. The correct transposition or transliteration may be “My soul would have been incomplete without doing it” and it is not boasting, it is a fact.

Here comes the “i” and Farz if not lived by spirit and soul becomes Farzi – which is fake or fictitious. We all see lot of Farz being carried out in a Farzi manner, and it is happening all across.  It is Farz of our political leaders to work towards better life for everyone. It is their Farzi approach to its execution. That “i.” It is local grocer’s Farz to return back 156 Rupees when a currency denomination of 500 is given for a bill of 344, it is his Farzi approach to give 56 and wait to see whether the individual is actually waiting for 100 or is lost in some thought. That “i.” It is Farz of our teachers to prepare for their class and come to teach, every time, it is their Farzi approach that makes them start reading from the book in the class. That “i.” With lot of fondness, I remember names of our teachers who believed in Farz and I have just some vague recall of those who had adopted Farzi approach to teaching.  Doctors, managers, attorneys, business partners, friends, foes, small business owners – it looks like the world can be easily divided between believers of Farz and believers of Farzi.

I know a few doctors, they very clearly believe in Farz, these doctors have implanted in me a text bookish image of doctors, compassion, patience and commitment, one gets committed to these doctors and they never fail you. I have a few friends, they very clearly believe in Farz, they have implanted in me – rights to respond, rights to criticize, rights to ask, rights to give, one gets possessive about these friends, possessive and just not “concerned,” the perspectives change.

When I look back, I am sure I have been Farzi at times. I look forward to not being that.

Farz – the soul of life. The soul of complete life.


1. Daman (@DamanAnand) - September 2, 2012

Good read Simar. I was wondering if you could write some thing about your experience with your teachers as we are having teachers day this week.

simarprit - September 2, 2012

That is a good suggestion, would defintely write

2. Sujatha - September 2, 2012

One of the most resonant posts I’ve read lately, Simar. “Ae tey mera farz siga – My soul would have been incomplete without doing it” Very profound.

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