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My Questions, My Answers September 1, 2012

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Q. Why some projects work and others don’t?

A. Life is not a state of ceteris paribus.

Q. How do you counter temptation?

A. By always shooting for “larger” temptations, temptations which are tough to get/ fulfill.

Q. How does one know that one has seen the worst?

A. Worst can never be seen, felt or experienced. Worst is infinite one just has to move away from it for it to stop affecting life and death. Worst is like death, one can’t experience own death, one can’t experience own worst.

Q. Why ideas must break boundaries?

A. Why not? And why only boundaries, ideas must break all barriers and breach all barricades. Ideas must fly!

Q How to handle situation when you really want to break someone’s head?

A. You move away from the cause leading to that at any cost. All costs are lower than breaking someone’s head and living it through.

Q. How do you see inside of something which looks fishy?

A. By judging its importance in your life, deciding if it is worth it and if it is, by burning the candle from both ends and finding a way to light the middle.

Q. Why do banks fail?

A. When temptations succeed, trust fails. When temptations of more than just one person start succeeding, trust is gang raped and banks fail.

Q. Why is it tough to cope with slow learners?

A. it is inherent immaturity which makes one find it tough to cope with slow learners.

Q. Are translations as interesting as the “real stuff?”

A. Hmm… How does it sound – The person who has the stick owns the buffalo? But it has an equivalent which sounds good – My dollar, my rules 🙂


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