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Doing things differently August 24, 2012

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In my career spanning 26 years, there have been a few stretches of time when urge has been to do things differently. Maybe after sometime that “different” becomes norm and few years down the lane, the need again arises to do things differently. As I link more of my existence with success of Mapsofworld.com that urge is back. One part of me is pushing me very hard to do things very differently in Mapsofworld.com. Initially I brushed aside those thoughts and walked cautiously on familiar path, but now cat is out of the bag and we are moving to accomplish a lot more for a lot less. Doing things differently, again.

It is a team which delivers success, our new strategy for Mapsofworld.com adopts this simple basic truth as its mantra. We are keeping all critical issues on hold to focus on mother of all critical issues, a great team which breathes together. Once linkages between people and processes become seamless production would flow as an extension of passion, is our belief. There is a major trade-off involved and we have decided what we want to leave and what we want to achieve. Volume of new work would take a backseat and quality of new work and existing work would now take the center stage. Every member of our team would ensure that whatever she or he does is done to best of abilities and crosschecked to checkmate any errors which have been inadvertently left to embarrass the team.

We asked ourselves another simple question: What is the potential of ideas we are working on, are they right? Do they have it in them to really add unique value to people who are expected to benefit from them? The idea is to work on connect as a word for transition. Connect process with people. Connect people to people. Connect idea to people. Connect idea to user. Connect user to process. Connect user to people. Complete cycle of connect.

Giant leaps need not require “giant” budgetary estimates, working on this we are closing on a simple infographic, this infographic, rather this one infographic may fetch more users than 200 or so put together have done. It has 70 days to tell us how different is our difference. This infographic aims at primarily the US centric audience in the age group of 21 and above and is aimed at presenting Presidential candidates Barack Obama and Mitt Romney

What does this infographic convey to you? How does our attempt at doing things differently present itself to you? I would be keen to know your answers and look forward to your suggestions.


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