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Wish me on The Eid August 20, 2012

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Now, I know why many amongst my non Christian Indian friends feel very comfortable in wishing me on Christmas and why they just don’t consider wishing me on the Eid. Let me share with you their thoughts.

  1. Wishing Christmas is hep, wishing Eid is participating in religion which preaches terror. Shame!
  2. Wishing Christmas is being seen as progressive, wishing Eid is seen as being backward. Who is backward?
  3. Wishing Christmas is being secular, wishing Eid is being Muslim. Most communal thought!
  4. Christmas is culture, Eid is Islam. Uncultured idiots!
  5. Christ belongs to everyone, Allah belongs to Muslims. Hello! I am sorry, come again?
  6. Santa Claus is fun and gifts, Eid doesn’t have a friendly icon. By the way what is Eidi?
  7. Christmas is primarily white – snow, people and so on, Eid is all dark green and brown. Idiotic, Oh! How about prayer caps?
  8. Christmas is holidays, Eid is – Oh! One more holiday for the government babus. Be real, step out and see what Eid is.
  9. Christmas is once in a year, Eids are many. And what about those Easter Eggs you were talking about my friend?
  10. Christmas can be wished to anybody by anybody, it is universal,  for Eid to be wished the recipient has to be Muslim. is it so? Go ahead read history, ask those who were cooked in gas chambers.

This is unacceptable. May be, Alma Iqbal lost faith on his own words, but scores believe “Hindi hain hum watan hai Hindustan hamara! So let us wish Eids, Gurpurabs, Diwali, Vijay Dashmi, Ram Naomi, Navroz, Budh Purnima, Mahavir Jayanti and Christmas with fervor. Be real, be Indian. See Eid as one more occasion to celebrate goodness on earth just like Christmas and Diwali.


1. sharad poddar - August 20, 2012

I don’t know why we corelate any of the celebration or festival with religion. Celebration should be simply a celebration and it should be for all without any demarcation because of religion.

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