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Hi Papa Dear August 19, 2012

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Hi Papa,

I missed you a lot yesterday, you were with me whole day and you were not there. You know it, we have not been together for now five years on my birthday. Fifth is not by choice but by destiny. On four previous occasions I choose to go all the way to attend a conference which every year coincides with my birthday. Of course, had I known in 2007 that it is going to be my last time to get your blessings in person, I wouldn’t have gone all that far, year after year. And, this time you are so afar that your blessings reached me but that feel, that feel is not there. Whole day I was happily somber. Hundreds of friends and family members wished me and I did reciprocate, but somewhere the me was missing. We did go out for dinner too, but it was just a dinner without you.

Veer had called up early in the morning and wished me as “Mummy da Mithu” and some part of me said “Papa da Sidaq” you never called me by that name, but the very fact that you wanted me to be named Sidaq means a lot to me. To I, me and myself I am first Sidaq than Simar and it would be always like that. Maan da Mithu, Papa da Sidaq and Veer da Simir. Even Veer doesn’t call me Simir any more. Mini and Mishti do miss you too, Mishti is totally on you, she keeps her feelings private, she won’t share but slowly she is opening up, she is now less hesitant in shedding a tear than she was.

The home still runs as if you are there, but where are you. Miss you Papa dear.

Sidaq Inder Singh

(I remember that Inder was for your brother who died while flying kite.)


1. daljeets - August 19, 2012

Reading this, I am Speechless. May his soul rest in peace.

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