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Absolutely Random – India through news magazines July 10, 2011

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Two months of magazine pile needs at least 24 hours of scanning through.

Can I absorb?

No I can’t.

Now what? This post:

  1. Anemos in Mumbai sells designer fans starting from 16,000/- onwards. I love fans and must visit the store in Raghuvanshi Mills Comopund when I visit Mumbai.
  2.  Asking for the price of that “special dish” is not cheap, even at top notch restaurants – Vir Sanghvi
  3. Rajiv Makhni must start writing something fresh, his articles are so “day-before-yesterday” kind, must stop reading him.
  4.  You can’t live in Delhi without a media overdose on Mayawati Bahen Ji, Sonia Gandhi and Sheila Dixit.
  5. Ekta Kapoor says her attitude makes her feel Sexy. Thank you for little mercies Ekta, now how about your respected father’s  white shoes and the whole white ensemble? Sexy?
  6. Britannia also sells biscuits/ cookies….
  7. Pink lights, pink couches, pink wardrobes looks like the country is turning pink with pride.
  8. Punjabi magazines and newspapers continue their balancing act between turban and without turban faces.
  9. Tata Venture looks like a good option for reasonably priced large family commute, considering one for office shuttle.
  10. Rs. 50,00,000 and upwards for a custom built bike, it will match my frame rupee to an inch. Wow! Is someone donating say Rs. 75,00,000.00, I promise I will name the bike after you.
  11. Brooke Bond Taj Mahal advertised in Top Gear? Looks out of place and the ad is really bad for the medium it is inserted in.
  12. New Mercedes  A-Class sketches look very hot, hope the real car is close enough to them.
  13. Travel from being important to “a few” is fast becoming important to “many” – River cruises in Europe are fast becoming the new standard for “serious traveler” from India.
  14. Now “Good Night” makes Odomos . Yes, it does. Mosquito repellent creams are now being sold in travel magazines, association, yes of course!
  15. Medical seats may not be able to match number of aspirants but quasi-medical opportunities are fast emerging, they allow you to wear white-doctor-coats and most of the patients do call you a doctor. Graduate in Optometry, doesn’t make you an ophthalmologist, however  it provides an option to project yourself as one.
  16. Eggs are back, eggs are good, free range eggs are better, breakfast is incomplete without eggs, industrial eggs are not eggs – OK. Got it.
  17. Now you can spend over Rs 1 Crore to do your kitchen. After bathroom fixation now it is going to be kitchen overtures.
  18. My Guru is better than yours. Sri Sri Sri (I don’t remeber how many) Ravi Shankar disciples believe they are better off than disciples of Baba Ramdev. My advice to Sri disciples – duck or jump in time when the next bullet leaves its barrel accidentally at one of Art of  “living while shooting” ashrams.
  19. It is right time  to decide  on adopting more modern mob management tools, I am sure Rahul Gandhi and Baba Ramdev can become advisers for state police departments. Hmmm…
  20. From “Sarkailo khatiya jara lagay” to “Dangerous Ishq” Karisma Kapoor really believes in miracles.
  21. Hiring people you like rather than hiring people you need remains a big time HR issue. Of course Infosys made it read like  “make people you like CEOs over people who deserve to be CEOs.”
  22. The need for finding your own space (in urban India) and living in it is becoming more important than a fat wallet or a cushy job or a few intermingled legs over disarrayed sheets.
  23. India’s slightly different export to the US – Marwari Horses. Now you can buy a Marwari Horse bred in the US. For a Tata Nano made in the US, wait for few years.
  24. Battery manufacturers continue their commitment to high-end models rather than to cash paying customers.
  25. Once in a while someone like Vinod Rai (Comptroller and Auditor General of India) steps in to break the corrupt parties and spoil parties of the corrupt. Nation sees a ray of hope.
  26. The original Amma now wishes to be anointed as the “Amma of Tamil’s Worldwide” J. Jayalalitha would rather like to be called Jaya Jaya and eventually get it related to Jaya Jaya in our national anthem.
  27. Do Judges of our courts judge themselves? I am sure they do with the same yardstick they use in their courts to declare guilty as innocent. Some of our judges are their own auditors and they are inspired by marquee brands like PWC and founders like Ramalinga  Raju (of  Satyam – Truth must never prevail fame.)
  28. Yes, we do have a Prime Minister and he has just discovered that the usage of word Prime goes beyond “Prime Number.”
  29. For political/diplomatic reasons India decides to construct 50,000 houses in Sri Lanka for displaced Tamilians. Yes, 50,000. I remember reading 1,000 as start-up number, this 50,000 is an expensive  fees/gift for killing Prabhakaran. UPA-II could have tried out D-Company, I am sure they would have charged far less for delivering the head which killed Rajiv Gandhi.
  30. A film is a film is a film. It doesn’t matter if it is in Tamil, Hindi, Telugu or English. A Jackie Shroff original. I await Telugu and English films from Jackie and suggest he tries Punjabi too. Punjabis love the word Jackie and most of us have played with one during our growing up years.
  31. Success of “Bhuddha  hoga tera baap” is surely going to influence Hindi film names, we may soon see – “Aunty hogi teri maa.” Sophisticated producers like Sanjay Leela Bhansali may opt for “Bhaiya hoga tera shohar”   a touch of Urdu surely upscales a Hindi movie name.
  32. Wow! Interesting, in 1940 London was more polluted than New Delhi is today. Now we can say pollution was a leftover of the Raj.
  33. If Mamta Banerjee practices even some of what she has been preaching around, West Bengal may finally become “Best is Bengal.”

More to come…


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