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Simarprit – An Interview by Roomy Naqvy September 13, 2010

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On September 12, Roomy Naqvy interviewed me on twitter. I enjoyed the whole experience of a “Twitter Interview”

Roomy: Simar, how would you define yourself in a tweet?

Simar  : I always simmer but rarely boil

Roomy: So did you describe yourself as “Perfect”

Simar  : I try to be “least imperfect” in everything I do.  Perfection to me is an enigma

Roomy: “I always Simmer but never boil” – Great sense of fun and humor

Roomy: How many employees you have in your team today in all your Companies?

Simar  : We are 140.  We were 1100 at one point of time & then the US recession turned our business model & us upside down.  Many gave up on us, felt we can’t survive, we got up, started walking and are now picking up the pace again

Roomy: Simar has replied – he has 140 employees in all.  Check out:                                                          http://www.mapxlinc.com/aboutus.html –Simar’s company

Roomy: Simar, so were your parents Entrepreneur?

Simar  : They were not Entrepreneurs.  My Father and my late Mother worked for Central Government

Roomy: Simar, this is amazing.  1100 employees (and still 140 after recession) without Entrepreneur parents

Simar  : It is a team work, we have a great team and we all made it happen

Roomy: If this question is impolite, please pardon me.  How old are you?  In your mid 40s?

Simar  : I am 45

Roomy: Friends, have u seen his personal website: http://www.simar.in/ — really great hmepage.

Roomy: You first joined as Research Associate at NIIT. How old were you?

Simar  : I was 21 🙂 The youngest at that position & without a degree in Computers, I am a Statistics graduate.  At that time 1986 -87 you needed strong mathematics to be in computers, stats worked

Roomy: I found out that you hold a degree in Statistics, not computers. 🙂 So, I guess at 21, you got your 1st job. Ok

Roomy: Simar was 21 when he got his job as research associate at NIIT, he’s 45, an Entrepreneur.   I’ll be asking him the next question

Roomy: Simar, with middle class settings, when you started your company, did u feel you would fail?  Please feel free to give a long answer if you like. I think your reply to would be very inspiring

Simar  : I believe in “Nichchey Kar Apni Jeet Karon – Guru Gobind Singh” Which means Determine & the victory shall be yours

Roomy: Simar says he finds what the revered Sikh Guru, Guru Gobind Singh said, be determined and u shall win. Wow!  This is so motivating. I was so ignorant. Never knew Guru Gobind Singh said something so great.

Roomy: Simar, did friends, relatives tell u that u were wasting your time in life when u started your company?

Simar  : Some did, but most have always supported me. Feedback works.  Some friends & relatives also proved to be opportunists – but then – it is all part of being an Entrepreneur.  I always need family & friends to believe in me, they are my belief

Roomy: What Simar has to say, It’s fascinating and an eye-opener.   Some friends & relatives also proved to be opportunists – but then – it is all part of being an entrepreneur

Roomy: How did you raise your seed capital when you first started? When was it? Which year?

Simar  : Savings, Family, Friends & Entrepreneurs in that order contributed to Seed & also sustenance money in tough times.  it is not only seed, it is equally about sustenance – Things do go wrong 😦

Roomy: This is really inspiring. Friends, did you see his reply to my last question…

Roomy: Let us change track a bit. When your employees fight, how do you resolve conflict?  (They are human, after all)

Simar  : Hmm.. When they fight amongst themselves, I use passive strategies to contain conflicts and to make them work together.  If they choose to fight against the company, it is a different matter

Roomy:           This question was a tough one, I guess, Simar answered it well.

Roomy: You don’t have an MBA or HR degree, so, how did u learn to manage people’s conflicts in your company?  Did you make some mistakes in managing people’s conflicts in the beginning?

Simar  : For me education is a daily routine, I may not have worked for my degrees, but I study for about 2 hours everyday.  One doesn’t have to reinvent the wheel, Management books, Conferences & Seminars are the right way to keep learning.  Yes, I did make mistakes in the beginning & I did make a big mistake even last year. Mistakes happen. Intent is important.

Roomy:  So, were u born in the US? How did you set up your US office?

Simar  : My parents went to Patiala from Delhi to give birth to me. They wanted me to be a true blood “Punjab Da Puttar”.  The US happened about 4 years back, we had gone to the US as part of Nasscom delegation, we liked San Jose :). We were doing business with US, but had no permanent presence there. Now I love San Jose & miss it

Roomy: How do you see yourself as an entrepreneur 5 yrs from now?

Simar  : My role has been changing, even now I do 60% mentoring & 40% Entrepreneurship – I am working to make it 90% mentoring.  I am slowly becoming an HR manager who would like to empower young Entrepreneurs. Compare believes in this.  Over 10 projects under incubation are independently run by young professionals in their early 20s

Roomy: What is your biggest satisfaction as an entrepreneur?

Simar  : I have never treated knowledge as a privilege, fact that I am always able to share everything I learn earns me my sleep.  When you share what you have learned, the cycle gets complete – you have contributed to perpetual wealth creation. the feeling is akin to Bliss – very satisfying, very fulfilling

Roomy: The interview with Simar ends now. I would like to thank Simar formally for his time. It was enjoyable. Inspiring for others too

Simar  : Thank you Roomy, I thoroughly enjoyed you interviewing me. You got me the  way I am & your research was just wow!!


1. Swati Arora - September 15, 2010

Nice Simar, Positive way of replying questions

2. simarprit - September 16, 2010

Thanks Swati

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