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Google Realtime Experiment August 26, 2010

Posted by simarprit in Uncategorized.

It looks like someone just decided to do a 100 Meter dash at Google. My first take is that the Google realtime search requires higher degree of integration and needs help on interpreting embedded results on tweets.

The results look neat but they are currently populated heavily by Twitter, the other sources are contributing to a very limited degree.

http://google.com/landing/realtime is the best place to experiment it.

Currently the site is very basic & limited on features, I couldn’t see the advanced feature button, neither i could play around or tweak the results.

I couldn’t trace any 2009 entry, that means potential of going back is limited.

The synonym database is not up yet so simarp & simarprit give different results, the results are not getting mapped with identity name.

Geolocation and date filters are working fine and help in narrowing down results.


1. Hitesh - August 27, 2010

Useful information, I will explore it more.It strongly supports a solid presence in social media and user generated content (UGC). Comment, Forums, Blogs and Wikis are the need of every website for that purpose. What I believe that,conversion of UGC into syndication (Atom/RSS/XML) will help a lot for content based websites (Basic or Web 1.

simarprit - August 27, 2010

Yes, it does. The game gets bigger, now you need to make your all digital assets work for you, irrespective of where all they reside and their size.

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