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15th Social Media Breakfast August 6, 2010

Posted by simarprit in Uncategorized.

We just came back from the 15th Social Media Breakfast event hosted by http://www.TwitSnaps.com #SMBTS as the event is tagged, has added tremendous value to what all I know and at the same time it has also provided me with an opportunity to share what all I know. The topic today was on Role of Media Sharing in Social Media, the way topic was unfolded and the flow of thoughts was a learning in itself.

The thought moved from YouTube & Flickr and their attempts on becoming social media hubs in their verticals and moved on to SlideShare, TwitPic, TwitSnaps and others. While we were at it we got a chance to share knowledge on emerging technologies and how they plan to make more transit websites hub of social media activity.

#SMBTS is evolving and I am confident that by the time we reach 100th SMBTS it would become one interesting place for Social Media amateurs and professionals.


1. Kaushik - August 6, 2010

Yes, it was a great flow of thoughts / observations as always. Personally I feel Slideshare is one Media Sharing App (in PPTs and PDF formats) that we should keep a watch out for. As put in by you and Hitesh, this format of Media Share will go a long way in the Semantic search that we are due to see in times to come.

2. hrabinder - August 6, 2010

the best i like about smb is that how all comparians lead by simar make it so simple by giving relating it to simple day 2 day things.for eg. Today simar explained his point with beauty using purple flowers.as they say…..simplest things r greatest ! Way2go

3. rajan - August 6, 2010

Really missing this types of updated SMO training…

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