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All Over A Sandwich June 6, 2010

Posted by simarprit in Social Media.

Last Friday, on our 6th Social Media Breakfast meet-up a strange thing happened, the keynote speaker couldn’t make it. #SMBTS as we call it has gained so much traction that the meet-up was a bigger success than the previous five.

Here in picture we have Roomy Naqvy (@roomynaqvy), Roomy is learned, a great listener and an avid critic. In his first participation in #SMBTS he added immense value to all participants and beyond the meet-up he shared takeaways very candidly. His comments on “pace of change” fundamentally altering  due to social media was an interesting takeaway.

Now we have over 25 members in the #SMBTS and the interaction level is rising, I can see few of us preparing and structuring our thoughts. For any meet-up to become a permanent value creator it is important that new members join and existing members keep on raising the bar when it comes to substance.

We would like to make keynotes and social media strategy reviews a regular part of the meet-up. Things are looking up and we look forward to suggestions.


1. Rakesh - September 12, 2010

I think the SMB is a great initiative. How does one join? What are the ground rules if any? I’m not really a morning person but am willing to try. 😀

Is there any SMBT too? … Social Media Beer & Tikkas in the evenings?

Great going Simar. Love your style, energy and effervescence. Keep simmering.


simarprit - September 13, 2010

Great idea to have Social media beer & Tikka, must consider. Thanks

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