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Day Hundred Three – SBMBW May 16, 2010

Posted by simarprit in SBMBW, Some Battles Must Be Won, Uncategorized.

Channelizing energies is becoming more important as the battle begins look like a very long drawn war.  Reconsidering the thought, going ba.ck and working out logistics again is not routine. every plan/ move is going back to the drawing board as the stakes continue rising and morale continues dipping. I can’t say that I would let every `not so cut and dry thought’ to fly out of window, some twisted thoughts and way-about also need consideration. I have been struggling but now I have decided to go ahead get some thoughts into action which  under normal circumstances I would abhor and discourage anyone from executing.

Some new path needs to be discovered and all energies need to be channelized… Because Some Battles Must Be Won.


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