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Day Hundred Two – SBMBW May 15, 2010

Posted by simarprit in SBMBW, Some Battles Must Be Won.

If the battle is all you have, you must have enough time to sit down and check the progress,  it is important to have a re-look at the road-map and the distance covered. Points on maps in battles are only half truths but sometimes you need half truths too. The battle demands non-stop running and mending the path while still in stride, you can stumble, you may fall but you can’t stop to correct every time. As and when you get little more than a moment steal it to ask yourself some  really tough questions. The first question has to be what all has been lost and what all can still be lost to secure the battle. Everyday the battle progresses it depletes resources, some of them simply non renewable.

As the battle progresses it creates rings very much like the rings in a tree trunk, the difference is these rings form all around your brain, making it tough to function. Try to look for an end to the battle before the fatigue sets in and makes it impossible to win… Because “Some battles must be won”


1. Sujatha - May 20, 2010

“i like to find AND to be found” quotable quotes…MTC

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