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Day Hundred – SBMBW May 13, 2010

Posted by simarprit in SBMBW, Some Battles Must Be Won.

It has been hundred days of a life squarely lived around a battle. It has been hundred days of learning and executing. It has been hundred days of listening and thinking, I can go on and on, in short – Hundred most worthwhile days of my life.

I know my state of mind when I committed myself to this battle and told myself that “I must win this” – must as a word has never been strong in my persona, being a part salesman and a part technologist diluted the importance of this word in my life. Focusing more on solutions through collaborations, give and take and compromises I lived my life very differently. I did use this (must) word for targets or on myself for critical tasks but it was a word for that instant hour or at the most a day, it was not something my life was weaved around. Before these hundred days I could have never imagined or believed that I would ever have a need to or I would be compelled to living around a word.

Living around a word has changed me, it has changed the way I look at myself and at people and things around me. My priorities have totally changed, my battle is supreme and the demands of the battle control my life. I have not cut myself off the civilization,  I have experienced a new hitherto unknown to me elasticity in the world around me. If I am being condemned for what I am today, it is all behind closed doors.

So far it has been satisfactory outcome in the battle. The battle continues, this post may or may not act as a battle diarist/ chronicler. I have been sincere and committed to this post and would continue only if I am convinced that I have the might within me to remain sincere and committed. If the demands of the battle require me to stop this battle diary, I would.

I know few of my loved ones, friends and associates have been very religiously and closely following this post everyday, thank you so much for being with me in my battle.You remain very close to me and I would continue shedding my tears in front of you.

Waheguru! Waheguru!


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