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Day Ninety Nine – SBMBW May 12, 2010

Posted by simarprit in SBMBW, Some Battles Must Be Won.

It is difficult to make fundamental corrections and as a friend rightly pointed out – “the root cause of major problems, is a small fundamental problem that was made long ago”

It is difficult and not impossible, correcting it needs to be weighed once again against the battle on hand. It is important to not just waste any thought or time over it bare the facts open, bear the cost and move on. When it comes to baring the facts, sometimes the battle itself starts looking less important, if it does it was not battle which must have been won anyway.  Understanding and accepting fundamental problem is standing in front of a mirror and allowing the mirror to do the talking, once the talk is over, go ahead and address the issue and do the fundamental correction.

Of course if you wish to grow roses on a papaya tree, you are free to do that. For all else, do fundamental corrections… Because Some Battles Must Be Won.


1. Kaushik - May 12, 2010

Like our work of Internet / Websites, I tend to believe that fundamental changes are impossible. Design layouts maybe get revamped, meta tags can be optimized, positioning worked upon, backlinkings improved … but if the core content of the site is changed, then its no more the same site. Its a new site with a few focus. Perhaps then it doesnt even relate to its old domain name 😉

simarprit - May 12, 2010

Yes Kaushik, fundamental changes do change the whole thing, but if you are fighting a battle which must be won, changing the whole thing is better than loosing the battle. The battle can’t be lost, everything else is acceptable… Because Some Battles Must Be Won.

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