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Day Ninety Two – SBMBW May 4, 2010

Posted by simarprit in SBMBW, Some Battles Must Be Won.

How much is my grief and what did I do to earn it? Is there a measurement which can correctly tell  me whether my grief is bigger or my desire to overcome it is bigger? Is there a way to just freeze my grief and I get back to it, if  and when I survive through it? Is there a way to  simply stop thinking about it and living life? Is there someone who sells life or just for some stupid reason wants to exchange his life with my grief? These and countless other questions confront all of us from time to time, there are no easy answers and the tough answers itself have huge potential of generating absolutely gross and fresh grief.

The only thing which needs to be done is to avoid getting into tough answers if they are likely to add more grief. Sometimes you just have to increase your capacity  to absorb more grief, if you think you can’t, then  how about throwing away your heart and creating space for it. Battle remains bigger than the grief and … Some  Battles Must be Won.


1. Sujatha - May 4, 2010

Is that true? Is the battle bigger than the grief? I am consumed by my grief; what’s worse is that my grief numbs me.it robs me of my passion, the very this that spurs me forth in a battle. Lovelessness, lifelessness it brings. How can I ever fight again?

2. simarprit - May 4, 2010

Yes, that is true. Battles Which Must be Won are bigger than everything else. They become independent of even the person who has initiated or jumped into it.

Lovelessness, lifelessness and grief are important concerns and they can have a bearing on the outcome of the battle, but at the end of the day they are just concerns about something or events which have happened. My experience: Desire to overcome grief is more than the desire to live in it.

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