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Day Eighty Six – SBMBW April 27, 2010

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Q 1.  Can a person who is highly sensitive be insensitive to those who love him a lot?

A 1. It looks like he can be, he can get so overwhelmed that he misses the subtleties of expectations, causing pain to those who are priceless.

Q 2.  If a person who is highly sensitive withdraws into his shell without any clue to those who love him, can we pronounce him as grossly selfish?

A 2. Absolutely! Sensitivity must be tamed, at least for those who are you.

Q 3. Those who have very complex inner life tend to take loved ones for granted?

A 3. No, they can never do that. They are incapable of doing that, making their loved ones comfortable is a lifelong passion.

Q4. Highly sensitive persons have a tendency of wrecking their own nervous system both emotionally and physically?

A4. Yes, they have a tendency, but if they become aware of the same they can switch themselves off to recharge and be right back.

Q5. Sudden changes breed tremendous unrest in highly sensitive persons?

A5. As they are highly sensitive they belong to a comfort zone,  any disturbance shakes them thoroughly.

In the battles which must be won, it is important for highly sensitive persons to ensure that they don’t get carried away in their own challenges at the cost of their loved ones.

Those who love you want you to win your battle, they believe in you because… Some Battles Must Be Won.


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