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Day Eighty Four – SBMBW April 26, 2010

Posted by simarprit in SBMBW, Some Battles Must Be Won.

Sometimes it becomes a big challenge to just keep your self away from aggression, kind of, that if you don’t allow aggression to express itself, it will just finish you. Yesterday, I faced similar challenge, an attempt to control my emotions and impulsive behavior lead to unexpected surge for aggression. It was so tough, as if singlehandedly I was trying to control hundred horses which must gallop anyway. I was reminded of a saying from Gurbani that human mind is the fastest thing on this planet, here it was giving me a full-blown demonstration of its speed. No, I kept on pulling myself back, there was intense debate, finally, at least yesterday, the aggression lost. It took me about two hours to gain my senses, my every body part shivered and every nerve strained. Finally, when it all settled down the feeling was one of a “battle is saved”

Yes, I could have lost my battle yesterday, no, I would’ve surely lost my battle yesterday had I allowed aggression to take charge of me. You are not answerable to aggression, it is aggression which is answerable to you… Because Some battles Must Be Won.


1. Sujatha - April 26, 2010

“Emotions are like wild horses” – BRIDA. Aggression stems from emotions. Emotions can tear us to shreds, wreck us, but emotions also give us the strength, the calm, the peace. Sometimes it is wise to restrain but sometimes it is wise to let go – to feel.

Aggression is best pent up sometimes and vented out sometimes. – Discretion is the key in SB that MBW

simarprit - April 26, 2010

I like the expression “Discretion iich s the key in Some Battles that Must Be Won” very well said, Sujatha

2. Sujatha - April 26, 2010

the one lesson i learnt from my current boss is “aggression is imperative..sometimes”

simarprit - April 27, 2010

Yes, sometimes it becomes very important. Assertion at many times can replace aggression and is very effective too. I am trying to be more assertive when the need screams for aggression.

3. Sujatha - April 27, 2010

with most folks assertion works. with a special few it just has to be aggression. 😉

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