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Day Eighty Three – SBMBW April 25, 2010

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It is good to be clever and bad to be thinking that the other person can only be stupid. Over last three decades I have enjoyed the pleasure and borne the pain of knowing precisely four clever people. The similarity between them is “They are clever and they know they are” – the differentiation comes by the way they own and manage their cleverness. First passes everyone he meets through his clever test and allocate his Clever Quotient (CQ) to each of them and deal accordingly. Second is clever enough to choose with whom she needs to be clever and get away. Third one is indiscreet in his cleverness and the fourth is so suave that most people close to her would never even know that she is clever.

It is the fourth who can be a great asset or a death liability in battles which must be won. To generalize the 4Cs talk less, think less, act less and are seen less. They know what they are working on and where there cleverness can give them the multiplier effect. They know their destination and won’t mind anyone as stepping stone, they will use only when they know that after use they can keep the person out of their frame of reference.

I still have to learn to understand the 4Cs… Because some battles must be won.


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