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Day Eighty Two – SBMBW April 24, 2010

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The night was restless, there were big holes in the sky and each hole had a differently colored dragon.I thought and thought and proposed to them to be on my side in this battle which must be won. The dragons were perplexed, they didn’t appreciate my talking business to them as they were already on an assignment to eliminate me. I insisted, I offered them all lures and one of them relented, I exclaimed – I can ride a dragon, I can ride a dragon, the game has changed, I can ride a dragon.

A little angel quickly came down from one of the dark holes and touched my heart and told me – The threat of the dragon is not there, you have a battle to win, focus on that. There are still many dragons which want your downfall and beyond them the super dragons who have sent these ones. I liked what the little angel said, it made sense rides can wait, the battle can’t.

The restlessness and the dream were a gentle reminder to remain focused and glued… Because Some Battles Must Be Won.


1. Sujatha - April 25, 2010

you’re right, distractions and deceptions come in varied forms, even in the form of a minor reprieve or in the form of a coveted prize – flying the dragon. i’ts important not to let these distance us from from the real battle. but then again, it’s important to celebrate being able to ride a dragon. the celebration serves many a purpose. it reinforces thoughts of victory, it lets your friends (who are battling with you, for you) know that they are part of your good times (that are and will come), it shows gratitude (to the Divine).

Celebrate riding the dragon but dont let it distract you

2. simarprit - April 25, 2010

Very well summarized Sujatha. Life is a celebration and opportunities to celebrate must be honored by enjoying them to the fullest.

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