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Day Seventy Six – SBMBW April 18, 2010

Posted by simarprit in SBMBW, Some Battles Must Be Won.

Letting the strengths be known avoids unwanted skirmishes, at the same time keeping some strengths way away from limelight and close to your chest keeps an element of surprise at easy access level. Augmenting strength from all sides is very important,  during battles depletion and erosion from all sides is an uncontrollable, unpredictable and unending phenomenon.

Demonstrating or broadcasting strengths avoids misadventures  of your opponents and ensures that they deplete their reserves and deploy them in the direction where you have an upper edge. It is always good to set benchmarks or yardsticks which your opponents also adopt it weakens their faith on their own strengths and systems. Letting the strengths be known may lead to achieving victory without combat.

Augment strengths and ably demonstrate them… Because Some Battles Must be Won.


1. Sujatha - April 18, 2010

Can we change? What I considered a battle that must be won, what I crusaded for all my conscious years, am I allowed to give up on it? Am I permitted to tell myself “this battle I need not win ” ?

When I was with child I fell sick once. The doctors refused to give me both antibiotics and painkillers, fearing it may harm the unborn child. I always wondered how my baby would be healthy if i was not. Is the battle more important or is the person? But if not for the battle who am I? Have I identified myself with my battle that must be won? Is is wise to? Is self preservation wiser? Do we live by wisdom? Should we?

2. simarprit - April 20, 2010

Life is a complex maze, it is more complex for those who never left questioning, sincere and honest questioning. I very strongly feel that we must keep questioning even if we may not get all the answer… Because Some Battles Must Be Won.

3. simarprit - April 20, 2010

Yes, we can change.
Yes, you can allow yourself to give up the battle which you at one point said, you must win. I was dragged to court by a “friend” – In shock and disbelief I didn’t take the battle seriously, I was about to lose when the realization that the person on the other side was not a “friend” and it was serious business to corner/ discredit me, I fought back. The honorable court admitted my material evidence, we were on track to win the case with costs. A real friend pitched in told me to do out of court settlement, accept unjustified demand, free mind space and erase that man from my life. I did all the three. Everyone including myself and the “Person” who had taken me to court was shocked, he thought he had won, I knew I had better things to do and I moved on. In last 10 years this Person has made sincere attempts to come close, I am clear – I have erased him from my life.

Having said that, one shoe doesn’t fit all. Wisdom has a role to play, always.

4. Sujatha - April 20, 2010

i have what i call an emotional memory, i have chanting Sarojini Naidu to myself for a while now, “Oh King, my heart is unsatisfied” Now, I just gave up, I quoted myself Sarojini,

“I have no more to give, all that was mine
Is laid, a wrested tribute, at thy shrine;
Let me depart, for my whole soul is wrung,
And all my cheerless orisons are sung;”

simarprit - April 21, 2010

OK! So if your all orisons are sung, let me give you mine, by the time you sing them you would have reason to smile 🙂

5. Sujatha - April 21, 2010

u sure did make me smile 🙂

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