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Day Seventy Four – SBMBW April 16, 2010

Posted by simarprit in SBMBW, Some Battles Must Be Won.

Extraordinary situations require extraordinary solutions. In the battles which must be won inspiration holds the key, I have always been inspired by the extraordinary handling of The Berlin Blockade which lasted for almost an year. Way back in 1948-49 over 200,000 flights brought to(the US/Allies controlled) half of Berlin 13 million tons of food. The battle was of course won, Soviet Union relented and lifted the blockade in May 1949,  giving a decisive edge to the Allies and changing the color of “Cold War” forever.

In Battles which must be won we must believe that every problem has a solution, it may be hidden, lost or impossible to reach. Identify it and go for it… Because Some Battles Must Be Won.


1. Sujatha - April 17, 2010

Dad used to to describe the crossing of the Ichhogil Canal to teach me never to give up 🙂

simarprit - April 20, 2010

Yes, 1965 and even 1971 saw many such battles where the spirit was supreme. When everything goes wrong the spirit becomes a motivator.

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