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Day Sixity Seven – SBMBW April 9, 2010

Posted by simarprit in SBMBW, Some Battles Must Be Won.

Some mornings look no different than the night they have just left behind, the gloom, the silence, the uncertainty are all there and confronting all of them in The Morning is a very different challenge. When choice is between self pride and loosing the battle, pride lost can never be redeemed by loosing the battle, it may still be redeemed by winning the battle.

Challenges are shapeless and can never be predicted or defined. It is best to break the gloom with a cheer, even if it is of your own blood. It is best to break the silence with a laughter even if faking it creates zillions of tears. It is best to kill the uncertainty by living yet another day even if the day is lived in fear and holding back the tears.

Morning must remain morning even if everything needs to be faked… Because some battles must be won.


1. Shilpa Srivastava - April 9, 2010

This post has shook me,least I can say….

simarprit - April 9, 2010

When holding on to the ground beneath your feet becomes a challenge, take the challenge head on and let each nerve divert their strength fully to your feet, dig deep.

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