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Day Sixty Six – SBMBW April 8, 2010

Posted by simarprit in SBMBW, Some Battles Must Be Won.

Setbacks and body-blows define battles. Some more defining points got added. Sometimes it looks like that I should have called this post – Some Battles Can Never Be Won.

Body-blows leave permanent scars on the mind, and setbacks just make you feel – Why are you fighting so hard for a battle which would be lost anyway? Some setbacks force you to abandon the battle and accept defeat, they just force you to lay down the arms and open them to embrace eventuality.

A setback how-so-ever big it maybe is just a setback, it is not defeat, it is not the end, I am not dead.

Setbacks are not the end, at best they are a gateway to the end, but every gateway need not be crossed, every setback may not mean all is gone. Go on…. Because Some Battles Must Be Won.


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