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Day Thirty Two – SBMBW March 5, 2010

Posted by simarprit in SBMBW, Some Battles Must Be Won.
  1. Difference of opinions can’t be given an undue importance, everything which doesn’t follow the designated route can’t be a battle looser.
  2. Any effort wasted hurts, if fighting about it is going to get the whole thing riskier and more challenging it is not worth it. Purpose would always be bigger than the hurt, life must move on and the battle must continue.
  3. Monitoring and execution are two separate functions, clubbing them together and handing over to one person is the most common fatal error.
  4. Discipline data point accumulation should be a continuous process. One point captured should point towards more in the line.

I am happy with the continuity and the discipline which is unfolding in this battle. Discipline has always been a hallmark of success, absolute discipline has always been the hallmark of ultimate success. Ultimate and not absolute.

“Because some battles must be won”


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