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10 things which any SEO must know March 1, 2010

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This is a list straight from my top of the mind recall, no specific order

  1. Google still makes or breaks SEO
  2. http://twitter.com/mattcutts helps you understand Google’s point of view better
  3. Spending time on http://Quantcast.com can keep you going and in business
  4. http://Alexa.com still matters
  5. Using “Google Insights” helps
  6. All Meta tags are important
  7. You can never fool search-engines over a stretch of time
  8. Your competitors are not fools. They are either Clever or Smart
  9. Single word SEO positioning has no substitute
  10. Clever keyword stuffing helps. For definition of clever refer to Google Webmaster Tools

And the other 1.

  1. Know your bests at all times. Best hour of the day, best day of the week, best week of the month and best month of the year. The endeavor should be to work on verticals and geographies which can make the best hour of the day become an average performance figure for the day.

More to come…


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