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Day Twenty Eighth – SBMBW February 28, 2010

Posted by simarprit in SBMBW, Some Battles Must Be Won.

Extra ordinary early views –

Some Battles Which Must Be Won have a very high chance of sudden defeat, countering one such moment 27 days of focus and one ostensibly small error can just make the battle nearly impossible to win. Things dangerously out of control.

If I loose this battle following would be the concluding thought and this would be the last post.

  1. Zero Error Means ZERO ERROR. Period.
  2. Self never in front of the objective. NEVER. Period.
  3. You are never away from sudden collapse and sudden death, a snap can happen anytime.
  4. Some battles can anyway be lost. BUT MUST NOT BE.
  5. There is nothing called as fighting a loosing battle. If you are doing that you have lost anyway.

“Because Some Battles Must Be Won”


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