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Pasta Avs February 27, 2010

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My daughter Avval wanted me to make something which she has never had before, this is her standard demand from a friend. So Gourmet Chef Simar started thinking, looked at stuff available at home and got going. For once, I put my pen to paper and wrote what I wanted to make and decided to follow the written recipe over my wild instincts in front of the pan.

Recipe Notes:

  1. Penne Pasta – 100 grams
  2. Tomato Puree – 100 ml
  3. Garlic Paste – 8 to 10 garlic equivalent
  4. Salt to taste
  5. Black pepper to taste
  6. Green pepper – about 20 pods
  7. Black sliced olives – about 30 – 40 slices or say 5 olives sliced
  8. One large longish Green Bell Pepper/ Capsicum
  9. Two table spoons of cheese spread, preferably garlic flavor
  10. One white onion
  11. Fresh mustard paste
  12. Herbs
  13. 4 pods of clove
  14. Olive oil
  15. Long flakes of ginger about 20 flakes at least  1.5 inch long
  16. Few cumin seeds

How I cooked

  1. Boiled penne pasta with garlic paste, half of tomato puree, 2 spoons olive oil, few pinches of salt. The idea was to temper the penne and let the flavors go deep inside each pipe.
  2. Made sauce with the rest of tomato puree, chopped white onions, salt, pepper, cloves, fresh mustard paste and cheese spread, cumin seeds
  3. Drained the pasta – couldn’t do anything else with the stock
  4. Put few spoons of  olive oil in the pan
  5. Added ginger flakes and lightly cooked them
  6. Added Green Bell Pepper – (long  cuts)
  7. Cooked for 2 minutes
  8. Added Pasta let the three of them mix well – Ginger, Green Bell Peppers and Penne Pasta
  9. Added sauce
  10. Cooked for 3 minutes
  11. Added olives
  12. Added green pepper pods
  13. Added few spoons of olive oil to get shine
  14. Mixed lightly
  15. Cooked for 2 minutes
  16. Checked salt and pepper
  17. Added fresh cream cooked for 2 minutes –
  18. Put in the serving dish
  19. Added herbs
  20. Served

Planning to file for patent 🙂


1. Sandeep misri - February 27, 2010

Looks super delicious. I am going to try this out 🙂

simarprit - February 27, 2010

Do let me know how it tasted

2. Preet Chandhoke - February 28, 2010

this is not done, a simple recipe does not cut it, you need to make and share it bro!

So when should I be dropping by?

simarprit - February 28, 2010

Your time… It would be pleasure to cook for you. Coming friday I am planning to cook some traditional Punjabi (Mangwal) village rice in office, if you drop by would cook the pasta for you too…

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