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Trainings at Compare Infobase February 22, 2010

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Tough three years are firmly behind us, Compare Infobase is once again on the way to become a near zero attrition level company from a high 10% attrition levels a month only a year ago. Daily training programs have alot to do in making this happen. Compare Infobase (Currently limited to Delhi office) provides scheduled 5 training sessions every week. Almost all training sessions have a waiting list and many sessions now also have repeat requests, feels good.

If we study the reasons for tremendous success we can cull out three catalysts:

  1. All sessions are open to all
  2. Best of the in-house respected and admired faculty as trainers
  3. All training sessions are during the working hours at prime working time

All the three steps are new to Compare but they have worked and continue working very well.


1. Hitesh Mathpal - February 22, 2010

…And miles to go before I sleep 🙂

simarprit - February 22, 2010

Yes Hitesh… and miles of training too

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