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Day Twenty – SBMBW February 21, 2010

Posted by simarprit in SBMBW, Some Battles Must Be Won.
  1. Time management equals smile management. Lots of smiles came my way yesterday due to an efficient time management regime which was strictly followed. It was tough day, but filtering out lot of  “not necessary to be done today” brought in lot of orderliness to an otherwise chaotic day.
  2. In the battles which must be won, enthusiasm can be hidden, borrowed, lent or stolen too. Display of enthusiam at wrong time or lack of it at right time can cause you the coveted battle.
  3. Flawless planning and quick execution helps. Everything must be brought down to scheduled tasks and those responsible made aware of the importance of the task to the whole battle and the time by which it must be done.
  4. Melodramatic-ism of temperamental fools  needs to be discounted correctly to reach at the exact point of conflict. Getting swayed by their words and expressions can cost the battle.
  5. Responsibility for things going horribly wrong in your battle lie squarely with you no amount of self  justification can cover up for the debacle and it is important to move on.

“Because some battles must be won”


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