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I am 24 and I was born in 1965 February 17, 2010

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Yesterday  I shared some of the steps I have been taking to remain young in this very young, getting younger IT industry. I understand that some of the points which I touched and the prompter which I shared in the session may need an explanation, I would come back to this post and keep adding. This is my personal approach and I am sure better ways exist and would love to hear them and adopt those too.

  1. When did you see your last movie in a cinema hall? I believe that watching a movie makes me young in thought, watching a bollywood movie makes me even younger and watching it on a cinema hall is the best which can happen to me. a) Movie transports me to a different world, where me and my environment are not there. It is a different ecosystem and a two-three hours of cutoff is ideal for me to get a charge and exposure to think ahead. To me a bollywood is like a 5 course meal for my brain – Music, Locales, Tears, Laughter and Performances. When I watch a movie in a cinema hall it makes me interact with many new faces and most of them between half and 2/3rd my age, I hear words which are new, I note gestures which are fresh and I am exposed to the current body language of “unknown to unknown”  It is a learning and the rush hour coordination at the Snack Bar is a time management lesson for me every time. IT for me is all about an open mind thinking without barriers a movie in a cinema hall sets my mind free, no shackles and takes it to a flight of fantasy.
  2. When did you last become member of yet another social network? I need to belong and I get a kick out of being an early adopter of any platform. I may or may not use it in the long run is an altogether different question. Joining every social network I consider worthwhile make me aware of something new. I believe there is lot of learning which comes your way if you just admire the work others have put up. Several decades back I use to find school projects of my friends interesting and inspiration for me. I use to get kick out of meeting their friends, today I get the same kick by joining new networks and connecting to a new set of friends and people through, through and through.
  3. When did you last tell your loved one – I love you, and I love you madly? Love works and works a lot for me, madly being in love is a great motivator. It gets in me something like “I can do anything”  Lack of love makes me dull, makes me feel old, I need affection and attention of beloved, it works like magic.
  4. Do you know the name of CISCO’s CEO? I consider CISCO as a compnay which is young at heart, when I say this people wonder why I say so and maybe CISCO may not be there some day like Sun which was also young at heart. Maybe CISCO may not be around but being young is all about taking your chances, there is a saying in Punjabi those who die young become either stars or flowers and those who die old leave behind frowns and rows
  5. When did you last wake up in the middle of the night because you had to do something which couldn’t wait?
  6. Are you on Google Buzz?
  7. When you were last told that you are restless?
  8. When did you last study for two hours at a stretch? (Study and not read)
  9. When did you last break a rule?
  10. When were you last first user of something in your whole known circle?
  11. When did you last let your intuition lead you?
  12. Do you know the name of the CEO of India’s number one IT company?
  13. Do you know the meaning of frugal?
  14. Have you heard about Atom by Intel?
  15. Are you fearless, can you afford to lose all tangible you own?
  16. Do you know the name of the founder of Twitter? Do you know the name of founder of the word Blogger?
  17. When did you last borrow someone’s unique mobile phone to fiddle with it?
  18. What is the average age of your user group you work with?
  19. When did you last crashed your computer or did something which you were not doing in the past
  20. When did you last say – I am sorry?
  21. Do you have a play list of your songs on Youtube?
  22. Do you dream of climbing the Mount Everest?
  23. Do you dream of jumping from an aircraft, with of course your parachute?
  24. When did you last try to do things differently, say tried to eat with your other hand?
  25. Are you friendly and helpful?
  26. When were you last persistent and would not take a NO?


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