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My Name is Khan A Movie Review February 14, 2010

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Having spent lot of time in the US and traveled and saw more of US than most US citizens do in their life time, I could relate to the movie better than my wife and daughter who have spent less than 60 days in the US. There are lot of things which can look odd to those who haven’t had significant US exposure, just ignore them and enjoy the movie.

Here we go:

  1. Great story
  2. OK story telling
  3. Loose editing, quite a few compulsive fillers
  4. Shahrukh Khan – I can’t help comparing the three Super Actors  I would rate Amitabh Bachchan in Rann as the best, followed by Aamir Khan as the second best in 3 idiots and Shahrukh Khan as the third amongst equals. Great performance though. I think the movie had an overdose of SRK which didn’t allow other characters to evolve.
  5. Kajol – proves once again that she is a natural actor and she allows her heart to act out her character. It is her heart all over, in movement of her eyes, hands and fall of hair – her heart rules and dictates how everything else about her would move.
  6. Zarina Wahab – Plays mother dear too well, she is great in the limited exposure and a pro Rizwan character bias  of the camera unit.
  7. Soniya Jahan – All of us who understand American Islam can related to her character very well, my daughter how ever found it tough to relate to her character. She was exactly what her role was, right casting and absolutely right portrayal.
  8. Cinematography – This department needed help the most. Too much obsession with Shahrukh Khan made this the weakest point of the film. I fail to understand the focus on anything else in climax scenes than the plot. Why focus on lamps and photo frames when plot is unfolding.
  9. Music – I enjoyed the music. It was good and not overdone.
  10. Sets – Few were out-of-place, but most were proper and awesome.
  11. Dress – By and large fine, could have been better, I didn’t like too much focus on Reebok  they made me lose pulse of the film on two occasions.

Over all 4/5


1. Tamanna - February 14, 2010

Thanx for the review.Have to see it yet.

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