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Day Twelve – SBMBW February 13, 2010

Posted by simarprit in SBMBW, Some Battles Must Be Won.
  1. Have a confidant and trust him or her fully. Your Confidant may be able to spot a tiger behind the bushes which is just ready to pounce on you. My confidant did exactly that yesterday.
  2. Avoid skirmishes, minor and major both. THEY ARE NOT IMPORTANT. Let it remain like that.
  3. Many pitfalls can be averted by consciously invoking your commonsense  to help you decide.
  4. In a battle which must be won, it is important to shower respect and admiration to those who are firmly by your side. It is equally important to shower yourself with the same respect and admiration too. Your confidence on yourself is the determinant of the outcome.
  5. It is important to go back and fortify the grounds gained. Loosing what you have won is a big NO in battles which must be won.
  6. If you are continuously getting bugged by something, you have a choice: stop bugging or go find the hidden truth and be done with. Do check the importance of that “hidden truth” to your battle on hand and measure your effort against the opportunity and realism of your being.
  7. Where is your ego, keep looking for it and talking to it and keep it smiling. Your ego can be a big deal breaker.

“Because some battles must be won”


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