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Website’s Usability and User Experience February 11, 2010

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I am attending a triaing program on Website’s Usability and User Experience, the seesion is being taken by our colleague Swati Arora.

My random thoughts:

  1. Who is your user?
  2. Why has he come to your website?
  3. How long would he be there?
  4. User experience is all about sending the right person to the right content. There may be several sources for the same content, which is the best resource is always a challenge.
  5. User experience has to be the starting point of site designing.
  6. Navigational aspects and their documentation can improve usability of the website.
  7. User-experience audit, when did you last conciser it? User experience audit can be very different than a User feedback form.
  8. Measuring User Experience is important, measurements can be a mix of automated reports and derived numbers
  9. User Experience has to coexist with SEO and Landing page optimization
  10. Prototype testing can be a harbinger and should be taken seriously
  11. Purpose of site in today’s world can be fluid too, the usability and user experience in that case would have to be seamless and with no transition breaks
  12. Historical perspective of the site can be tough to assess
  13. Profitability of the site needs to be mapped with the user experience

Thank you Swati for your time and the session. I found it interesting and useful.


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