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Batteel Bakery Choclates – A Review February 9, 2010

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Recently Kaushik went to Doha and got for me as a favor from the prospect a box of Chocolates. Now a box of Dates from Doha would do, but Chocolates from Doha, Qatar make you think twice. The box arrived, it looked nice but nothing happened with it. Yesterday i opened the box and picked up one chocolate from there. One chocolate would be a wrong way to describe it, it should be that I picked one piece of “Master Chocolatiers masterpiece”

Right color, right flavor, right bite size, right aroma, right filling and right taste. A good chocolate for me should hold, before it melts and when it melts its should explode and cover your whole mouth, this one did exactly that.

I went in for another and another and another, decided to hold back, told myself, maybe I had a horrible mouth so anything would do? Today morning the magic happened again and is happening still. I would rate the chocolates amongst the best I have had outside of Brussels.

I am not sure how many would get a chance to devour it, but if you get to, don’t leave it thinking it is yet another box of chocolates .


1. Chaminda - March 25, 2010


From which location you got these chcolate, in Doha Batteel.

simarprit - March 25, 2010

Yes, Doha

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