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Rann – A movie review January 31, 2010

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A review which deserves my rating first – I rate Rann as 10/10

  1. Good story
  2. Great story telling
  3. Fast pace, no fillers
  4. Excellent cinematography
  5. Amitabh Bachchan – Mind blowing performance any age, any time. His eyes talk and they talked alot in this movie
  6. Ritesh Deshmukh – He has it in him, I loved his role
  7. Gul Panag – She is a breath of fresh air in a thoroughly male dominated movie
  8. Sudeep – Stellar performance, you could read his mind and move with him and I exactly knew how he would jump when he decided to do that
  9. Paresh Rawal – He is a great actor, did his job well but there were so many great performances, his couldn’t stand out
  10. Mohnish Behl – He can be the rising supporting actor of today, it was a controlled performance and he looked well
  11. Rajat Kapoor – He speaks less and talks more, and he is good at it
  12. Neetu Chandra – Yasmin role for anyone against Sudeep performance would have been a challenge, she took up and delivered on the dot
  13. Simone Singh – Few scenes, great screen domination – you remeber her character
  14. Cinematography – Class, the way the camera moves, you feel you are there. In some scenes I felt that I was seeing from the eyes of Ritiesh Deshmukh’s character. Excellent.
  15. Music – You need music in a bollywood film, don’t you? This movie just had it to that purpose
  16. Sets – Were they sets, it was real, absolutely real
  17. Dress – Not one scene where you wonder, appropriate for everyone in all scenes

Lights, Camera, Action – Super


1. subhojit - January 31, 2010

A striking thing about the movie is the several layers of war between the father and the son, the two media houses and also between truth and fabrication.

simarprit - February 1, 2010

Exactly Subhojit. and at every stage the movie is tight. Very tight. It looks like the flab was being cut after every 1 minute of production.

2. Daman - February 1, 2010

Comments coming from a viewer (who has no interest in success or failure of the movie) I appreciate these and shall surely go to watch the movie.

simarprit - February 1, 2010

Oh yes, you bet! When I go to see a movie, my minimum expecation is that it should cut me off and take me away from my world and transport me to the world of the story teller. This movie just did that

3. Prakash Arya - February 1, 2010

Very nice and lively review ! just try to feel the movie through your words !
Thrilled with experiance and have a lots of expectations……..!!! Will surely watch it asap ! Thanks for sharing your experiance.

simarprit - February 1, 2010

Prakash I enjoyed it thoroughly – may go again to watch it just to see what all I missed

4. khushbu - February 3, 2010

Its really a nice movie , all points are truly described

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