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The US as I see it January 29, 2010

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Here is a run down of my engagement of about three years with the United States of America. President Obama inherited a mismanaged nation, so be it, he has it in him to effectively turn the downward spiral on its head.

Some good, some not good and some hilarious issues and solutions as they come to mind for the US to thrive and bounce back are here. My suggestions are aimed at stimulating progress at all levels across the US and across the world. It goes without saying that my suggestions are an Indian’s take with a clear cut Indian mindset on the most significant US issue of recent times:

  1. All Federal Government employees must get 15% salary raise across the board with the additional salary to be spent on notified investment or consumption avenues -iPads, iPhones, Cars, Kitchens, Appliances, Plumbing
  2. Voluntarily all Fast Food businesses, should drop quantity of meal by 20% and price by 10%
  3. Work from home should be encouraged leading to an effective three days of office presence and for 12 hours on each day
  4. The US must designate 10 cities as the cities of this decade, each city should be given 10 Billion Dollars to spend on infrastructure, all these cities should be at least 200 miles aways from the nearest city which has more than 500,000 population
  5. All prisons should be moved to these new cities
  6. All National Championships after 2015 should happen in these new cities
  7. Each of these new magnet cities should be allowed 10,000 instant Special Green-cards to import best talent from any part of the world
  8. The Government must go ahead and give a second child additional allowance of  $10,000 to each family in these new magnet cities
  9. The nation must designate at least four of these cities as  mega entertainment cities like Vegas and allow there Airports to Expand
  10. Tourist Visas with 30 day return assurance with or without bond of $100,000.00 should be made freely available
  11. US must encourage one million students to visit various US universities and schools every year under student exchange or extended learning program
  12. 100% Hotel Occupancy Awards should be given to hotels in cash reimbursements and in Presidential salutations
  13. Banks with Billions of Dollars lying with them should be encouraged to buy businesses in countries which serve US economy China, India, Mexico, Brazil etc
  14. The President should travel twice a week to any part of the country
  15. The President should travel once month to any part of the world (including Iraq, Afghanistan and other obsessions)

The US has been a great example of  a nation using acceptance of its wisdom as its right to lead the world agenda and many believe that US would once again be in a position to do it.

More to come…


1. Ricky - January 29, 2010

Point 2 – Shouldn’t the price of fast food meals be increased by 10% so that people eat healthy food instead.

The points that you have raised maybe interesting but the fact is that US is a country burdened by debt and hence the President put a spending freeze. So, how are they supposed to pay for the spending that is being suggested? Maybe once a month travel to any part of the world should be restricted to China 😉

simarprit - January 30, 2010

I am not an economist, all that I wrote was a top of the mind thought flow. Essentially each point I mentioned merits a page in justification. Essentially I am talking about small amounts and on the face corrections. If your read the post twice, the speed of cash circulation and churning would hit you. If the cash turnaround and circulation becomes quicker faith in flow of money would increase spending at all levels.

2. Suthnautr - January 30, 2010

I won’t address all areas but a few did stick out.

First, government workers are already making significantly more money than private sector workers doing the same jobs. They have better pensions, health care benefits etc, so paying them 15% more would cause a riot.

Second, iPads, iPhones? Maybe – but most of them aren’t that intelligent. They come from long lines of public servants and are usually quite dull intellectually. Nice people, but not too bright. They’re more the big screen TV and ultra modern popcorn making machine (maybe with a robot to deliver it to them as they watch the latest mind numbing drivel on the tube) but only if the robot is self programming, fool proof, and resistant to peanut butter, jelly and chicken fat. Possibly that would work.

Third, Work from home – most people with a job nowadays already are putting in 12 hours a day anyway, kissing the bosses rear ends trying to keep their jobs and only getting paid for 8 hours – with a half hour break. They either do the same thing at home on their days off (desperately trying to figure out how to make money) or, if they have money doing government jobs, then they are watching giant screen televisions & eating popcorn. (Sorry).

Fourth, I like everything you said about the magnate cities. Love it. Get these hicks out of the woods & teach them some technology. Can’t wait until they see indoor plumbing for the first time. Maybe even introduce them to women (the chickens will miss them, but so what).

Fifth, the president visiting different places twice a week – that would mean nothing getting done in the white house, and then visiting one country in the world once a month – Excellent ideas, especially for a president like Bush – get him the hell out of the white house as much as possible and he can’t start any wars, screw up any economies or do any real harm.

Do you have any ideas on how to keep such a president from signing any papers?

Fifth, 10,000 instant Special Green-cards to import best talent from any part of the world – What should perhaps be done is take the 15% salary raise to all government workers idea and put ALL of that money into better funding for education and free college for all who want it. Importing instant talent from abroad is not a fix, it’s a kick in the nuts to Americans who can’t afford to go to school but want to go. Other countries are better than American in this regard. For instance Germany has free schooling for anyone who wants to go – you just have to pay your own room & board, everything else is taken care of (but then again Germany believes in “Volk” – aka the people come first).

Sixth, Banks with Billions of Dollars lying with them should be encouraged to buy businesses in countries which serve US economy China, India, Mexico, Brazil etc – Such banks don’t actually “have” billions of dollars lying around in them (see how the US economy really works: http://www.buildingcapital.us ) and US companies have already gotten loans from these banks and set up their own factories in China and Mexico etc – so they already own these factories. It’s called outsourcing which is a nice way of saying selling out American jobs. That goes along with downsizing, a nice way of saying you’re fired, we outsourced your job to someone in China, Mexico or Brazil, now go live in the hills and we hope you enjoy those chickens (while we take the money you might have earned in the city & date those women you can’t afford to date now. Sorry.

The rest of the post is interesting, but I’d need more time to figure out how it would actually work – such as the 100% hotel occupancy awards… I worked in the hotel industry in NYC for 14 years and they have peak seasons where 100% is attained each year at the same time in all the hotels. I’d need to think about those things a bit. Nice ideas though. I’m glad someone is thinking. 🙂

simarprit - January 30, 2010

It was a pleasure reading your comment, the comment is of course much lengthier and more knowledge packed than the post. Thanks Dave you made my day. Education needs to be fixed and we can hear lot of noise around it anyway, execution would hold the key. It looks like there is a need to create a Reward and Reprimand System for the education administrators and ensure if and when the decision is taken it is executed well. I am glad you took out to time to read and comment. Thank you so much. 🙂

3. romit - February 13, 2010

Great, grand ideas, but some of the stuff you mention are all government spending related. But isn’t that what is crippling the US today? All this bailout money that has been handed out, will need to be funded somehow at some point. Where is it going to come from?

But overall, I agree. The best way to kickstart this slow-moving economy of uncertainty is by huge infrastructure spending. Obama went there a bit by funding the highway improvement programs, but I like your idea of creating towns from scratch – giving everyone around the town some impetus, some promise and most importantly, jobs.

Keep the juices flowing!

simarprit - February 14, 2010

Thank you so much Romit for taking out time to read this. I am honored. Ihad just asked myself, let me see if I have started understanding America? Your reply has motivated me to keep living in two countries and belonging to both.

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