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iPad – Love at First Virtual Sight January 28, 2010

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It looked exactly like some of the unofficial mock-ups presumed it would be, it also did whatever every one said it, it also didn’t do what some said it would, there were just no surprises – but then it was the pacjkage which did the trick. I am hooked. I would be using an iPad soon, very soon and I know there would be better releases coming shortly, but I want mine and I want it now.

I was just asked why? And here we go:

  1. It is right size
  2. It is LED at work
  3. It has an external keyboard docking station
  4. It is portable
  5. It has 10 hours of battery life
  6. It has a stand-by battery of one month
  7. It comes with iWork
  8. It would work from AT&T hotspots from day 0
  9. It has been priced to rule the market segment
  10. As a developer it offers me business opportunities
  11. Integration with iPhone allows me to sync the two effortlessly
  12. It is the tomorrow, I was waiting for
  13. I know I miss the built-in video cam, but it is OK I can live with it
  14. It will fit in my existing Laptop bag and would hardly add any weight and I would have “carry one, get one” free feel
  15. It won’t heat up my lap

More to come…


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