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Division of States – My Personal Stand January 24, 2010

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This is one question which has been coming up practically in every third lunch or casual meetings. It is high time I thought that I must pen down (if only for self clarity):

I am against division of states of India on the basis of language or religion. I am in favor of division of states if it leads to correcting economic imbalance in our society and leads to reducing nepotism and increasing penetration of central funded projects.

Telangana from Andhra Pradesh – Economic reason looks dominant. Fast, yes literally fast methodology adopted by Chandrashekhar Rao have undermined the key issue. If economic disparity between the two regions can’t be handled and equal Government job opportunities given to people from Telangana, division of state would be the only solution.

I am in favor of Harit Pradesh & Porvanchal for economic development reasons.

Bundelkhand, Vidharbha, Kodagu, Saurashtra, Bodoland,Mithilanchal, Bhojpur and Gondwana look wishful and impractical at this stage.

I am in favor of Mahakoshal and Gorkhaland as the states would economically progress quickly as independent states.


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