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Tata Nano Modifiction Agenda October 25, 2009

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As I eagerly await delivery of my Tata Nano which is still few months away, I have decided to make a to do list anyway and open it to friends and family for suggestion:

  1. It would be our first Business Idea prototype from Avval Business Ideas Pvt. Ltd.
  2. Our modified version of Nano would be named Seerat
  3. The roof would be the first thing to go off and would be replaced with toughened glass
  4. The back seats would move out and become flat platform
  5. Air Bags would come in
  6. The front seats would be moved out and replaced with power controlled seats with lumber support and would be  connected to an additional battery
  7. Rear wiper with spray would be added
  8. The rear view mirrors would get power control and indicator lights
  9. Front lights would get an internal row of LED circle – blue tint
  10. Rear/ Back light unit would be replaced with an LED panel
  11. Steering gets replaced with Audio controls
  12. A special U lights comes at the front and rear
  13. Tubeless tyres (If available in this size)
  14. Gets Alloys
  15. Gets a protective shield to cover the bottom
  16. Gets a four speaker music system
  17. Essentially a two seater, we would need to plan what we do with the rear doors, if possible we would close one and make the other remote controlled  lift up gate for shopping and such

I would love to implement more ideas, if they are practical. The idea is t make the car a small fun car for the family which does service in 5-7 KM radius for local errands, in 100% self drive mode


1. Sarbjit Singh - October 25, 2009

Good ideas.first impression, shouldn’t use toughened glass as it will make the car heavy and also would become a bit dangerous. A quality fiberglass would be a better choice.More comments as newer ideas pop up


simarprit - October 25, 2009

Thanks Sarabjit. I can consider that, do keep new ideas flowing in – Simar

2. simarprit - October 27, 2009

I have been provided with following suggestions on my Twitter account:
1. Solar roof panel to charge additional batteries
2. Replace the suspension with adjustable AirBag Suspension……
3. Add Hot/Cold Car Refrigerator
4. GPS Navigator

Inputs provided by http://Twitter.com/megapowerJMU

3. DALJEET SINGH - January 18, 2010

The whole concept can be visualised. The wheels arcs may be increased/modified to accommodate Bigger-Wider wheels/tyres to give it a different look and don’t forget to put nice side decals from Graphix. Any help/discussions/customisation in matter of toughened glass; we can get from Trutuff/GSC, my pals. My friends at Popular Automobiles/Bimbras, doing such things for last over 3 decades, would be more than willing to give inputs. Love to give you further inputs as I am also auto-geek. Regards

simarprit - January 18, 2010

I am looking forward to your active participation, the minute I get delivery of my vehicle I will call you up. Thank you for your suggestions.

4. DALJEET SINGH - January 18, 2010

Dear Simar, I just recalled that while giving you inputs about modifications of NANO, I started writing WE….. Thats the point I don’t know why I get involved in things/persons, I love; unaware.


simarprit - January 18, 2010

Sir Ji – Vadiya Hai… I feel good about it 🙂

5. Manpreet Bedi - July 14, 2010

is it ready now bhaji ?

simarprit - July 16, 2010

The car has come, work would start next week. I am trying to understand what all can be done with the vehicle.

Manpreet Bedi - July 19, 2010

keep us posted sirjee. 🙂

6. simarprit - July 19, 2010

Test drives of Tata Nano are happening, list of things to be done is getting longer, some ideas are proving to be too wishful…

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