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Compare Infobase 11 October 7, 2009

Posted by simarprit in Uncategorized.

Thank you Compare Infobase for being around for so long, most of those who started along with you have perished, merged or submerged. You are around, and stronger after few extended underwater maneuvers, you have become a good swimmer, I don’t think I will live long enough to see Compare 100 but Iam sure I would be around to see Compare turn 50.

Here are my 11 favorite projects where Compare has atleast some ownership –

  1. http://MapsofIndia.com – 100% Owned by Compare
  2. http://Dgreetings.com – 34% Owned by Compare
  3. http://MapsofWorld.com – 100% Owned by Compare
  4. http://MyDearValentine.com – 50% Owned by Compare
  5. http://TwitSnaps.com – 100% Owned by Compare
  6. http://HeadlinesIndia.com – 100% Owned by Compare
  7. http://SitaGita.com – 33% Owned by Compare
  8. http://IndiaHousing.com – 26% Owned by Compare
  9. http://FocusSingapore.com – 100% Owned by Compare
  10. http://SubmitYourSite.com – 100% Owned by Compare
  11. http://YouMustSee.com – 50% Owned by Compare

Here are my 11 Projects where Compare has no ownership now

  1. http://IndianHoliday.com
  2. http://Indiaedu.com
  3. http://IndiaProfile.com
  4. http://123World.com
  5. http://FlightsHub.com
  6. http://NaukriHub.com
  7. http://BestIndianSites.com
  8. http://GoaHub.com
  9. http://ChristmasCarnivals.com
  10. http://PalacesonWheels.com
  11. http://DiwaliMela.com

The above lists are completely from a ‘Founders perspective. I personally thank all those who worked on these projects.

BTW: I am aware that the  links are not clickable 🙂


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